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Slip and Fall Injuries

Obtaining Damages After a Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Accident Without Filing a Lawsuit

Sometimes a fall injury causes serious injuries. A fall down poorly constructed stairs, a slip or trip and fall on something left on the floor, poorly lit walkways, holes in the ground, and furniture or deck collapses can all result in severe injuries. Victims commonly sustain broken bones, spinal cord injuries, head injuries and other...
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Vacation Injuries, Get the Legal Help You Need

What should you do if you are injured on vacation? Will you be taking a vacation this summer? Will you be relaxing on the beach? Visiting an amusement park with your family? Or, staying at a nice hotel? These don’t seem like dangerous activities, but accidents and injuries can happen anywhere. A vacation is supposed...
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property liablity

Product Liability: Are homeowners liable for injuries caused by snow and ice on their property?

Let’s talk about snow and ice on your property.  This is a tricky subject.  We will keep it brief and basic for now. First, every township or city has an ordinance that says how long you have until after snowfall to clear snow and ice from your sidewalk.  That is NOT what we are talking...
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Are you liable if someone falls on your property?

What can you do to protect yourself if someone falls on your property? As we have discussed in other articles, your duty as the “landowner” depends on why the visitor was on your property. If you invite a friend over to watch the Eagles, Pirates or Steelers game, that friend is deemed a “licensee,” not an invitee. ...
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What to Do if You Slip and Fall in the Home of a Friend or Relative

It can be an uncomfortable situation when you slip or trip and fall in the home of a friend or relative.  You may be in great physical pain and suffer injuries that require you to miss time from work or that need ongoing medical treatment.  Yet, your friend or relative feels badly that you got...
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