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Are Personal Injury Cases Only Auto Related?


Hi, I’m John Ostroff. Thanks for visiting Ostrofflaw.com. You’ve clicked on the question, “Are personal injury cases, cases that only involve automobiles or can they be other cases?” and the answer is, it can be all kinds of situations where someone suffers harm.

It doesn’t matter what it’s from, as long as that harm is a result of the negligence, mistake, or purposeful act by someone else. So, it can happen if you fall, and that fall was caused by someone else’s negligence. They didn’t clear their- the snow on their sidewalk. They left a slippery liquid out for too long that didn’t clean it up. Their sidewalk wasn’t properly maintained, and the height differential on that sidewalk caused you to fall. A pot hole that should have been repaired. It can also be a dog attack, when a dog wasn’t properly restrained, and the dog caused you harm. Medical malpractice can be the basis where a doctor makes a mistake, doctor or hospital and you suffer harm.

There’s many different causes for a personal injury claim, and bottom line is if you’re not sure whether you have a claim for harm you suffered, give us a call. We’ll see if we can help you out, and if we can I know that we’ll do a good job for you. Thanks.

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