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Union County, Pennsylvania

Over $17,400,000 in confidential settlements and Philadelphia County verdict (with additional delay damages and post-verdict interest) against Greyhound Bus Company.

This crash and lawsuit, which led to a seven-week trial, was featured on CNN. In 2013, a Greyhound Bus operator fell asleep while driving a bus full of passengers from New York City to Cleveland, Ohio. This crash occurred on Interstate 80 (I-80) in 2013, near Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Jon Ostroff, Esquire was Lead Trial and Litigation Counsel and was interviewed in this CNN news story exposing Greyhound’s failure to adequately monitor fatigue among its drivers. The verdict portion of this recovery was $5.05 million. This is the largest recorded verdict against Greyhound Bus Company in Pennsylvania.


Verdicts & Settlements Across PA

Jon Ostroff has successfully handled, settled, or reviewed over 25,000 personal injury cases in 25 years!

See how Jon has put his experience to work by achieving impressive results for his clients. Below are just a few examples of some of Ostroff Injury Law’s personal injury settlements. Call Ostroff Injury Law at (800) 818-8148 and they will fight as hard for you as they did for every client listed below.

$10,000,000 Settlement
Allegheny County Settlement in 14 Months
$10,000,000 settlement 14 months post-crash for client who sustained serious injuries from head to toe. Our client ran out of gas in the right lane of I-79. Ostroff Law obtained early witness statements and immediately deployed multiple experts to the scene of the crash to establish that the tractor trailer operator had time to see and avoid the crash. The lawsuit was filed in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County.
$6,051,000 Settlement
Chester County Family
$6,051,000 in total settlements for seven Chester County residents who were injured when they were occupants in a vehicular crash that occurred on a rural highway. Due to the preference of our clients to remain anonymous, we are unable to disclose more information about this settlement recovery that occurred shortly before trial commenced.
$5,000,000 Settlement
Union County Crash
$5,000,000 recovered for the estate of a woman who died as a result of injuries she sustained in a tragic crash on Route 80 in Union County. Our client, a passenger, was ejected from the vehicle after the driver collided with a tractor trailer.
$4,100,000 Settlement
Lancaster County Crash
$4,100,000 in total settlements on behalf of four passengers who sustained injuries in a one-vehicle crash on the PA Turnpike (I-276) in Penn Township, Lancaster County.
$3,800,000 Binding Award
Bradford County, PA
$3,800,000 binding arbitration award (largest ever reported in Bradford County at time of recovery) for a lawsuit filed in Bradford County on behalf of our client, a woman from Towanda. Our client’s vehicle struck the side of a tractor trailer on Route 6 at nighttime. This was a challenging case, as our client broadsided a tractor trailer at full speed and had no recollection about this crash. Our client sustained complex fractures to her face and a brain injury. Jon Ostroff organized our client’s medical team, which performed an extensive, cutting edge surgery to reconstruct her complex facial injuries.
$3.5 Million Settlement
Harrisburg, PA
$3.5 million settlement mediated by Montgomery County, PA trial judge for a child struck by a drunk driver while she was riding a bike near her home in Harrisburg. She suffered fractures to her face, ribs, and clavicle and a mild traumatic brain injury. The claim value increased substantially because Ostroff Law won right to file the lawsuit in Montgomery County instead of Dauphin County where this incident occurred. The family was referred to Ostroff Law by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).
$3.075 million Settlement
Allegheny County
Massive Truck Crash
$3,075,000 settlement in a lawsuit filed in Pittsburgh. Our client was severely injured in a snow storm “white out” crash on Interstate 80 (I-80) near Clearfield.


Our client, who was also an interstate trucker, sustained a crushed pelvis. More than 60 trucks and cars were involved in what was one of the worst highway “pileups” in PA history. Proving fault, with so many trucks and the severe weather, required a highly complex crash reconstruction completed by specialized experts. Key witness statements of the at-fault trucker, obtained by Jon Ostroff days after this crash, played a key role in establishing that he and his employer were responsible for causing this crash. This statement was the key to obtaining this substantial recovery for our client.


$3 million jury verdict
Luzerne City Resident
$3,000,000 jury verdict, plus delay damages, plus post-verdict interest, for a Shickshinny, Luzerne County client, who sustained a right tibia fracture, a broken left foot, facial fractures, a neck fracture and a diffuse mild brain injury.


Ostroff Injury Law sued Greyhound Bus Lines and its driver. Our client was a passenger in a Greyhound bus that slammed at a high speed into the rear of a tractor trailer on Interstate Route 80 (I-80) in North-Central Pennsylvania. This bus was in the middle of a route between New York and Cleveland. Around 1:20am, the driver fell asleep with a busload of passengers, injuring many and killing one. This was a highly contested, seven-week Philadelphia jury trial led by Partner Jon Ostroff against a team of lawyers from two law firms representing Greyhound and its driver. Ostroff Injury Law’s trial team won a verdict of $3,000,000 for one client, who was one of four clients Ostroff Injury Law represented at this trial. This $3,000,000 verdict included a $500,000 punitive damage portion, intended to punish Greyhound for its failure to adequately manage fatigue among its drivers. This client’s award was part of a $5.05 million verdict rendered to the four passengers that were represented by Ostroff Law in this precedent-setting case against Greyhound Bus Lines. Prior to trial, CNN aired a story about this crash and the litigation that led to this trial, interviewing Jon Ostroff and the client who received this verdict. This CNN story and high-profile jury trial exposed a nationwide fatigue management problem involving Greyhound Bus drivers who were falling asleep at the wheel during long bus routes.


$2.7 Million
Philadelphia Settlement
Highway Bus Crash, Foot Fractures/Surgery
$2,700,000 litigation settlement for passenger who suffered multiple foot fractures (requiring surgery) in a PA Turnpike (I-276) bus crash.


The lawsuit related to this crash was filed in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.


$2.1 Million Settlement
Bucks County Resident
$2,100,000 award for a Bucks County resident who suffered a severe ulnar nerve injury in his right arm while working near an explosion.
$1.95 Million Settlement
Berks County Resident
$1.95 million settlement for a limited tort client in Reading, Berks County, PA who suffered a thoracic outlet syndrome injury (near shoulder) in a crash with a van.


Multiple law firms rejected this case before this client contacted Ostroff Injury Law. Prior to litigation, the insurance company took the position that our client’s injuries weren’t serious enough to obtain a recovery due to his limited tort insurance policy. Ostroff Injury Law was able to obtain this substantial recovery by suing the defendant and aggressively handling this lawsuit on behalf of our client.


$1,900,000 mediation settlement
Butler County, PA
$1,900,000 mediation settlement for a limited tort passenger who sustained ankle, knee, leg and hip injuries requiring emergency surgery as a result of a Butler County crash with a van.
$1,600,000 Settlement
Schuylkill County, PA
$1,600,000 settlement for client, who was a passenger in a crash caused by a drunk driver. She sustained severe lower back injuries requiring extensive surgery to repair.
$1,300,000 Arbitration Award
Wayne County, PA
$1,300,000 arbitration award for a Honesdale car crash victim with a severe ankle injury requiring surgery.


This head-on crash, which occurred on Route 590, in Lakewood, Wayne County, was caused by an uninsured drunk driver convicted of Driving Under the Influence of alcohol (DUI). Progressive Insurance Company’s maximum settlement offer prior to arbitration was $350,000. This insurer paid multiples of its highest settlement offer following the $1.3 million arbitration award obtained by Jon Ostroff. This client was referred to Ostroff by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).


$900,000 Settlement
Venango County Resident
$900,000 mediation resolution for a young driver who sustained leg, knee and rib fractures in a highway crash in western PA that occurred during a snow storm. She resided part-time with her parents in Franklin.
$750,000 Verdict
Centre County, PA
$750,000 Centre County jury verdict obtained in 2018 by Ostroff Law partner William Coppol for our client who was driving a car that was rear-ended by a dump truck owned by Haranin Construction Inc.


As a result of this crash on Route 22 in Ebensburg, Cambria County, our client sustained a back injury that ultimately required surgery in order to implant a pain stimulator. Prior to trial, the highest offer made by trucker’s insurer (Cincinnati Insurance Company) to settle the case was $100,000. Ostroff Law obtained a verdict that was over seven times more than this maximum offer.


$400,000 Verdict
Lancaster County, PA
$400,000 Lancaster County jury verdict for a client who was injured in a rear-end collision that occurred on Harrisburg Pike in the town of Lancaster.


This extraordinary verdict obtained by Ostroff Law Partner Rich Godshall, on behalf of our client, was 400 times more than the $1,000 final pre-trial settlement offer made by State Farm Insurance Company. It was also four times the full amount of insurance ($100,000) covering the defendant and issued by State Farm Insurance. Soon after trial, State Farm paid this verdict and did not appeal this case. State Farm’s attorney attempted to establish that because our client’s vehicle was not damaged in this incident, she could not have sustained the injuries claimed, which were to her neck and back and for which she required numerous injections in both areas of her spine.


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