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Jon Ostroff Celebrates His 50th Birthday by Helping South African Orphanage

A 50th birthday is one of life’s big milestones – and one that people celebrate in many different ways. Jon Ostroff felt that his 50th birthday was the perfect opportunity to support a South African orphanage that is important to him, to his wife Amy, and to their family.

Jon and his family have made multiple visits to the Siyaphambili Orphan Village in Cape Town, South Africa.  They have been involved in various volunteering efforts and events with both the children and the leaders of the orphanage.  Their hearts have been touched and they long to improve the lives of the children who benefit from the Siyaphambili Orphan Village.

Accordingly, to celebrate his 50th birthday, Jon’s friends, relatives, and colleagues generously donated money to a foundation established in the names of Amy and Jon Ostroff to benefit the Siyaphambili orphans.  The money raised by the foundation will provide aid to the children in the form of clothes, food, computers and other necessities that will improve their future.

Jon couldn’t think of a more meaningful, or important, 50th birthday gift and he looks forward to many more years of financial, emotional, and physical support for his friends at the Siyaphambili Orphan Village in Cape Town.

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