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Reasons to Hire Ostroff Injury Law after an Accident

We know that there are many Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys and that it can be difficult to decide which lawyer is right for you.

Ostroff Injury Law offers certain things to its clients that other firms do not or simply cannot offer.  Specifically:

  • Attorney Jon Ostroff has Represented More than 25,000 Clients Over the Past 25 Years. This kind experience is rare and benefits each and every client whom Jon represents.  He knows how to settle cases, he knows the games insurance companies and he understands that you need money and he will work hard on your behalf.
  • Ostroff Injury Law Doesn’t Play Insurance Company Games.  Jon gives insurance companies 30 days to settle the case fairly or he sues.  It is as simple as that.  This unique program is designed to get clients their fair recoveries quickly.
  • Clients Have Full Access to Our Lawyers.  Not only will Ostroff Injury Law attorneys meet with clients at their home, office or even in the hospital, our clients always have a cell phone number for the partner handling their case and can use that number whenever they have a question.

Ostroff Injury Law attorneys have the experience, the drive, and the empathy to provide their Pennsylvania personal injury clients with quality legal representation.  Call today if you’ve been hurt in an accident and find out how Ostroff Injury Law can help you.

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