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Proving the Police Wrong About the Cause of Your Pennsylvania Auto Accident.

Sometimes police investigations are not always accurate and often make mistakes. Potential clients have come to Jon stating that the police just didn’t get it right, that they were not at fault. Many times that person is right. But proving the police wrong is tough. Proving the Police Wrong is Possible A police officers first...
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Who Pays Your Medical Bills After Your Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Accident?

Many clients, when injured through a Pennsylvania slip and fall accident on someone else’s property, don’t know who is responsible for paying their medical bills. A premise owner carries a medical benefit called “MEDPAY Insurance.” They will be responsible for paying your medical bills up to the amount of MEDPAY that there is. Listen to Jon...
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Who Pays Your Medical Bills After a Pennsylvania Auto Accident?

Many people, like you, have medical bills after a Pennsylvania auto accident. Did you know that YOUR insurance company is responsible for a small portion of those bills?  This anger stems from the fact that they were not responsible and do not feel their insurance company should have to pay. It was the other person...
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How Uninsured Motorist (UM) Insurance Works

You have serious injuries from an auto accident and you find out the person who hit you has no insurance. What should you do? In the previous video, Jon discussed UIM coverage. Here he goes further to discuss UM coverage. You may recover insurance benefits. It’s your UM or Uninsured Motorist Coverage that you bought....
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How Underinsured Motorist Coverage Works

First of all, it is important that you have this more than any other type of motor vehicle insurance coverage. Underinsured Motorist coverage applies when the person, who negligently hurt you, or a resident family member, had automobile liability insurance (but doesn’t cover your actual injury costs). Obtaining Underinsured Motorist Coverage Benefits You know you...
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