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Insurance Companies

Top 10 Insurance Company Lies

There are many common insurance company lies and tactics you may hear if you suffer injuries in an auto accident. Here are the top ten: #10- “$1500 is a lot of money for your injuries!” #9- “How come you were the only one that got hurt?” #8- “With the minor damage to your car, you...
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Myth #2: Your Insurance Adjuster Is Nice and Trustworthy

Truth: He’s only a nice guy if he wins! At his job, he only wins when you lose. At Ostroff Injury Law, we only win when you win. You are not more important to your insurance adjuster then his job, or him getting a raise or promotion. Successful insurance company adjusters will act like your...
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Myth Number 1: You Don’t Need a Lawyer

Truth: You need a lawyer. This is probably your first serious insurance company claim and you are up against a professional insurance adjuster with a team of lawyers. Insurance companies make billions of dollars by paying claimants less. The less they pay you, the more they make. The less your adjuster gets you to accept,...
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Level the Playing Field

INSURANCE COMPANIES SUCK! If you let them, insurance company adjusters will lie and use all types of tactics to pay accident victims as little as possible after their accident. Level the playing field! Let Pennsylvania auto accident attorney Jon Ostroff take care of you. We know how to handle the insurance company! Call us at...
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Getting the Most for Your PA Accident Settlement

We have talked in detail about avoiding insurance company tactics, which is one of the largest obstacles and mistakes made in Pennsylvania accident claims. Now, we’d like to focus for a while on tips which have helped our clients get the maximum amount for their PA accident settlement or slip and fall claim. Jon Ostroff has...
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