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Is Fracking Safe?

42-28536219-frackingA new study by the Congressional Governmental Accountability Office (GAO) indicates that fracking does have environmental and public health risks. However, the extent of those risks has not yet been determined. So, is fracking safe?

Some in the fracking industry are using the GAO report to conclude that fracking is safe and does not impact ground water. However, the GAO has noted that there are studies indicating that fracking poses a contamination risk to ground water sources.

While those in the fracking industry continue to maintain that fracking is safe. Those in the environmental protection industry continue to maintain that fracking is risky. The rest of us can continue to expect further testing and studies to be completed.

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In the meantime, if you believe that you have been hurt as a result of fracking in Pennsylvania then it is important to contact a lawyer to protect your rights and to learn more about fracking lawsuits in PA.

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