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Fracking Accident Lawsuits

Deadly Frackcidents on Our Nation’s Highways

Hydraulic fracturing or fracking is the process of injecting a mixture of liquid, sand, and chemicals into rocks deep below the Earth’s surface in order to release oil and natural gas. You may know that the chemicals used in fracking can contaminate groundwater and that fracking has been linked to earthquake activity, but did you...
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Fracking Transportation Risks: Now It’s Trains, Too

In mid-January 2014, a CSX Corp. freight train derailed on the Schuylkill Arsenal Railroad Bridge near downtown Philadelphia. Train derailments aren’t especially common, but they do occur on a fairly routine basis, so there seemed at first to be no special reason for alarm over this one. The train had dual locomotives and 101 freight...
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Now That Act 13 Has Been Overturned, Does Fracking Go Away?

If campaign contributions don’t actually buy the votes of legislators, at least they will get your voice heard when a key issue arises. That’s certainly been the case for the natural gas industry’s recent influence on Harrisburg’s political class. Big energy companies have been key donors throughout Gov. Tom Corbett’s political career. They have contributed...
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What Level of Death Is Acceptable for the Pennsylvania Fracking Industry?

What happens next if your close friend or relative has been killed in a fracking accident? It’s a very real possibility. Last year was a peak year for fatal accidents in the energy industry. Numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the death rate for oil and gas workers is more than seven...
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Fracking Royalties Fraud: Is it Better to Wait If You’re a Victim?

No doubt you have been following in the news all the recent accusations that big energy companies have been cheating Pennsylvania landowners out of fracking royalties. Big energy corporations bought rights to extract natural gas from beneath land owned by Pennsylvania property owners. The companies promised to pay the landowners at least one-eighth of the...
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