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The pre-trial phase of your case is, it arises after discovery’s over, and before we start trial. A lot can happen in here. Expert reports that are required to prove your injuries or what happened that establish the fault of the other parties, all of that is finalized. Usually we meet with the court and...
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Case Phases

Hi, I’m Jon Ostroff. Thanks for visiting OstroffLaw.com. When you’ve been injured in an accident, there will be multiple phases to your case, and I wanna take a few minutes in the questions that are below this one, to break down each of those phases and describe them for you. And you can click on...
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The litigation phase of your case arises once we file a lawsuit on your behalf. We’ll do that with your permission, and it will start with either a complaint or a writ of summons. We’ll do that either because we must do it in order to get a court order to preserve certain evidence for...
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The trial of your case is the last phase of your case, unless it goes to an appeal. The trial of your case begins when we present your case either to an arbitration panel in front of three lawyers, a judge, or most commonly, a jury. The job of the jury or the judge or...
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Once the pleading phase is over, we begin the discovery phase in your lawsuit. This is where we learn about what happened from the other side. We gather documents through the other side. Everything is answered with an affidavit of its, and a verification that it is accurate and that is sworn. It’s the question...
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