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3rd Party Lawsuits

3rd party lawsuits

Workers’ Compensation: When Can You File a Third-Party Claim for an On-the-Job Injury?

A Guide for Workers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey In both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, an injured worker has the right to ask his employer to cover the medical costs associated with workplace injuries. Compensation for on-the-job injuries comes from an employers’ workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation provides coverage of all medical bills related to...
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workplace injury

Workplace Injury: Third Party Lawsuits in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

When On-The-Job Injury is Caused by Negligence, Your Rights May Go Beyond Workers’ Compensation When you are injured on-the job, you have a right to apply for workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that pays medical benefits and partial wages after a workplace injury. However, when an employee receives workers’ compensation, he...
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Who can be held liable for a work site injury?

What are some examples of third-party injury claims? Injured construction workers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey have two options for compensation: workers’ compensation and a third-party personal injury claim. Almost all injured workers are eligible for workers’ compensation, but a third-party personal injury claim can only be filed when someone other than an employer is...
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construction site injury

How are the damages available from a third-party lawsuit different from Workers’ Compensation benefits?

Third Party Lawsuits vs. Workers Compensation Claims When you are injured on-the-job in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, you become eligible for workers’ compensation. Your workers’ compensation benefits are provided through your employer’s insurance company. They include: Payment for lost wages: Workers’ compensation provides a percentage of your lost income if you are unable to work...
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