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Car Accidents

A History of Uber Accidents

After the rideshare service first expanded outside of San Francisco in 2011, the number of Uber drivers on the road shot up quickly. It is no surprise that the number of Uber accidents also increased. The Tragic Death of Sophia Liu One of the earliest Uber accidents to make national headlines took the life of...
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Act Immediately After an Accident in Bad Weather

Pennsylvania drivers are frequently exposed to dangerous weather conditions such as rain, snow and ice. Motorists must be particularly vigilant to avoid an accident in bad weather. When they act carelessly, they put themselves and others around them in danger. Snow and Ice Hundreds of winter weather-related accidents occur annually in Pennsylvania. Snowfall can create...
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Pedestrian accident lawyer

The Importance of Strong Evidence in a Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit

The carelessness that leads a motorist to strike a pedestrian is unacceptable. For decades, Ostroff Injury Law has protected the rights of pedestrians who were killed or catastrophically injured by irresponsible drivers. We know that one of the most critical parts to winning a pedestrian accident lawsuit is a thorough investigation and uncovering as much...
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30 Days to Settle

The cards are stacked against unsuspecting, injured accident victims who deserve compensation. Ostroff Injury Law is here to protect those victims with our 30 Days to Settle program. When a person sustains serious injuries in an accident, the insurance company involved will try to take advantage of the situation. These companies know most people are...
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Fracking truck driver accidents

Fracking Truck Driver Accidents

If you live or work near a fracking site in Pennsylvania, you probably already know that fracking, short for hydraulic fracturing, involves drilling into the earth. A mixture of water, chemicals, and sand shoots into rock at a high pressure to release gas. The fracking industry has proven to be a lucrative one, so the...
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