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The Story of the Year: Bus Travel Kills. We Told You Here First.

The guy who keeps saying “I told you so” is really annoying, but we can’t resist. For months, we have been telling everyone who will listen that bus travel in the United States is incredibly dangerous. Often enough, it seemed as if nobody was listening. Now, all our work had been vindicated. Late last year,...
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What Does the New Seatbelt Mandate for Commercial Buses Mean for Your Injury Claim?

If you have been paying close attention to the news in the last few weeks, you may have noticed a news item that has stirred a great deal of interest in the transportation industry. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration—a division of the Transportation Department—has issued a regulation requiring lap and shoulder belts on commercial...
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The Special Challenges of Transit Bus Cases

National media attention naturally goes to interstate bus crashes—either charter bus accidents or tour bus and motorcoach crashes along regular routes between cities. Because those accidents involve lots of people from many communities, those accidents have widespread news value. When you consider news as a business, such accidents sell to a wider area than a...
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Greyhound’s Distracted Driving Policy

Greyhound has a written policy prohibiting bus operators from using cell phones while operating a bus. However, the company does not enforce the policy. In one case, the evidence confirmed that a Greyhound driver and his bus was unable to be located for several hours.  The passengers at the terminal in Philadelphia waited over four...
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