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Too many people know each other in the towns that make up the Lehigh Valley — whether it’s Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton, or smaller towns from Emmaus to Northampton, Kutztown to Nazareth and out to Lehighton, or any town in between. Do you trust your local lawyer to pull out all the stops and challenge whoever they need to in order to protect you?  

Your Local Lawyer may worry about:

Upsetting police from the same town. A local lawyer may be friends with your investigating police officer, or may need to rely on him in other cases.

  • Police can only invest limited time, with limited training, into investigating an accident. They make mistakes about how it happened, how serious it was, what the injuries were. They may not test a DUI driver who caused an accident, they may miss witnesses, and more. When police are wrong, your lawyer can’t be afraid to challenge them. Jon has won major cases for millions of dollars by proving the police wrong!
  • In fact, in two separate cases in the same nearby small Pennsylvania town, Jon recovered nearly $4 million for his clients by proving the police wrong, after they blamed his clients for the accident. Jon did this by finding eyewitnesses the police never spoke with, by challenging local doctors, by closing down highways to reconstruct what happened using nationally known experts to prove his case, and by performing an aggressive investigation.

Local lawyers  know local doctors, which may be a problem if your doctor is not helping you.

  • Your doctors may need to be challenged if they are not helping you or supporting your needs. Jon is not worried about recommending a different doctor, or a different approach. Your local lawyer may feel differently about challenging your care if your doctor is their friend or if your lawyer is relying on your doctor in other local cases. With so few doctors in your town, this problem should come as no surprise.

Local lawyers know local lawyers.

  • If the guy who hit you is represented by a local lawyer, do you want your lawyer to be the other lawyer’s friend? It may not be a good thing. Your lawyer must take care of you, a client he may only represent once. Your local lawyer probably sees the other guy’s lawyer all the time and they may want to help each other out. Should you be worried about whether your local lawyer might be tempted to help out his or her buddy for a similar favour in return in another case?

Whether you live in Lehigh, Northampton, or Schuylkill County, one call to Jon Ostroff and Ostroff Injury Law and Jon will meet with you at your home or hospital, and he’ll do what it takes to take care of you. So you get the best of both worlds: local attention and a tough, respected Philly lawyer and law firm. Jon’s main office is in the Philly suburbs, located in Plymouth Meeting, PA, less than a mile off the Northeast Extension and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Ostroff Injury Law has been fighting for our Lehigh Valley neighbors for nearly two decades.

Jon is a lawyer who will be loyal to you, and not worried about the toes he needs to step on in order to take care of you and your family

  • Jon and his firm has succeeded in lawsuits, trials and arbitrations here in the Lehigh Valley and across Pennsylvania, obtaining awards and recoveries for many clients in excess of a million dollars.
  • Jon has successfully mediated and settled specific, individual cases for millions of dollars for many families here and across Pennsylvania.
  • Jon has successfully represented catastrophically injured victims and victims killed in accidents here
  • Jon has spent his career focusing on serious accident cases only. Be careful about hiring a local attorney who handles every type of case.

Every one of us who uses I-78 or the northeast extension has probably had the big trucks fly up your rear, cut you off, or nearly run you off the road. These guys are a nuisance and cause wrecks… hold them accountable.

If a trucker, a drunk driver or a negligent driver caused harm to you or your family member… Call Jon Ostroff!

Maybe you’ve been the victim of drunk college kids from Lehigh, Lafayette, Muhlenberg or Moravian who get behind the wheel and threaten our families. Perhaps they were drinking at Stabler Arena, up in the Blue Mountains, or at Dorney Park. Jon will go after the drunk driver and any bar, arena, amusement/recreation center, or other provider of alcohol that helped get them that way.

Jon is proud to know our community well, but not so well that he’ll let small-town politics interfere with his clients’ needs. With Jon in your corner, you’ll see quickly how hard he’s going to fight for you.

Lehigh Valley Car Accident Lawyer

When it’s time to settle your Lehigh Valley automobile accident injury case, Jon Ostroff will give the insurance company 30 days to make things right or Ostroff Injury Law will fight. Click here to read more about our ’30 days to settle‘ commitment.

For nearly 25 years, Jon Ostroff has been representing families, adults and children across Pennsylvania who have been seriously injured or killed as a result of someone else’s negligence. Jon will spend the time and money it takes to gather the evidence and prove what really happened. If unable to recover money for you, Jon will pay these costs.

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