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Pennsylvania Distracted Driving Accident: Hands Free Is Not The Same as Risk Free

The results of the first major study about the safety of voice activated texting while driving is in and the results are troubling. The study found that it is just as dangerous to use voice activated texting while driving as it is to use your hands to type a text message while driving. More specifically,...
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Teen Passenger Safety: How Safe Are They As Passengers?

A recent report released by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and State Farm Insurance contained important information about teen passengers. While most teen driving studies focus on teen drivers, this report was different in that it looked specifically at teen passenger safety. Teen Passenger Safety Report is Encouraging Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and State Farm...
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Disturbing New Information About Drivers

New drivers may sit through hours of driver’s education and clock hours of behind the wheel practice before taking their driver’s license exam. After all, one must pass the exam before becoming a licensed driver. However, how many licensed drivers could pass the exam as adults? A new study from carinsurance.com found that the answer...
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Pennsylvania Drivers: Take that Coffee to Go

Can a cup of coffee really help keep you awake and alert on the road? Do caffeinated drinks while driving help prevent traffic accidents? A recent study found that long distance truck drivers who drink coffee (or other caffeinated beverages) are significantly less likely to be in accidents when compared to truck drivers who do...
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What is Not Against the Law in Pennsylvania Could Still Hurt You

It is against the law to text and drive in Pennsylvania. Public awareness campaigns teach drivers that other actions, such as talking on the phone while driving, can also be dangerous. Yet, there are other cell phone dangers that could cause distracted driving accidents – even if the driver is not using the phone. And...
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