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Kudos to Danica & NASCAR for Discussing Head Injuries

Admitting that you have an injury is the first step to healing, and what we communicate to every client. Now even NASCAR drivers are confronting their fears. Danica Patrick recently confessed that she suffered at least a dozen concussions in her career, adding that she would retire if a doctor diagnosed her as being at risk with another crash. “I’ve had concussions,” Patrick said during media day at the Daytona 500 last month. Patrick added: “Every time you crash, you have a concussion on a varying degree.”  We applaud Patrick’s courage for raising awareness about the impact of head injuries among millions of NASCAR fans.

If you suffer injuries in an auto accident where another driver is at fault, what should you do first?

As experienced attorneys, we know that after the initial shock of a vehicle crash, our clients have many questions. What type of insurance do I have? Should I speak to the insurance company directly? Does my limited tort insurance policy prevent me from recovering money for my pain and suffering? These are all important concerns, but the first priority is to get treatment for your injury. If you are in pain, don’t ignore it.  Go to the hospital immediately or contact and promptly visit your primary care physician. Traumatic injuries from a crash usually get worse over time.

The personal Injury Team at Ostroff Injury Law will answer any questions that you have and if you’d like our help, we will protect you and fight for every penny you are entitled to.


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