Few lawyers in America have achieved the status of a 20/20 attorney. Jon Ostroff is one of these rare attorneys. Jon has helped more than 25,000 Pennsylvania accident victims over the past 25 years. Some of these victims were seriously injured or killed by negligent truck drivers. Jon knows how to win these cases and has obtained millions of dollars for some of his clients who were injured by truckers.

Truck Accident LawyerWhether you use the Turnpike, I-80, the Schuylkill, or I-79, you know that truckers often drive like they own the roadway. Pennsylvania truck accidents often occur because truckers drive too aggressively. When this happens, the consequences can be deadly — or at the minimum, cause serious injuries for the motorists in the cars these big trucks massacre. Jon Ostroff and the attorneys at Ostroff Injury Law are committed to making truckers, and the companies they work for, pay for the catastrophic inuries and accidents they so often cause.

Why truckers rush

Truck owners often impose challenging deadlines on the truck drivers they employ. If a trucker gets tied up in traffic, with a customer, or at a rest stop, the truck driver is forced to rush to make up for the delays. Other times the truckers are simply impatient and rush because they are anxious to finish their day.

Remember, your local lawyer will probably represent you only once. He’ll see the other lawyers, doctors, and cops in your town all the time. With local small town politics what they are, surely you know why you should be concerned about this. Jon Ostroff and Ostroff Injury Law have forced truckers and the companies they work for to pay millions to Jon’s clients across Pennsylvania. With offices in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas, you will get a big city advantage with Jon and Ostroff Injury Law.

Pressure to make deadlines and meet high demand from businesses can lead truck drivers to make poor decisions that cause Pennsylvania truck accidents. Several mistakes can be factors in trucking accidents. Driver fatigue will happen when truck drivers ignore limits on the amount of hours they can be on the road.

The trucking industry is heavily relied upon by many businesses to deliver their products, and to deliver them on time. The high demand from these companies on drivers to make strict deadlines, ignoring safety rules and regulations, can lead to driver fatigue and devastating Pennsylvania truck accidents.

The outcome of your call may surprise you.

Jon doesn’t care what other lawyers told you.

If other lawyers have told you that you don’t have a case, call Jon anyway. He has recovered millions of dollars for clients who were told they didn’t have a case by other lawyers.

In fact, one client of Jon’s was blamed when she drove into the side of a tractor trailer late one evening. The police, the trucker, and even an eyewitness blamed Jon’s client for this serious collision. The client’s family called a few local lawyers before they called Jon. The other lawyers agreed with the police and were unwilling to investigate further. Jon used a well-respected nighttime visibility expert to prove that, because the truck failed to have proper reflective tape on it, Jon’s client couldn’t see the side of the truck when she struck it. Jon proved the other local lawyers wrong and overcame the negative police investigation and eyewitness account to win a $5.7 million award for this small-town client.

Jon doesn’t care that the police blamed you. If the police blamed you for the accident, but you know it wasn’t your fault, call Jon.

In one small Pennsylvania town alone, Jon recovered millions for two different clients, in two different accidents, even though the police blamed each of them for the accident they were in. Jon proved the police wrong, and his two clients recovered millions as a result. Jon will use everything he has learned from the 25,000 accident victims he has helped over the past 25 years.

Limited tort? A truck accident lawyer may still be able to help!

If you have limited tort insurance and were told that you cannot get a recovery, call Jon. He may be able to find an exception so that limited tort does not apply to you, even if you chose it.

Call Jon at 800-818-8148 for a free consultation with an experienced Pennsylvania truck accident lawyer and learn about how Ostroff Injury Law can help you.