You can’t change what happened, but Jon Ostroff and Ostroff Injury Law has a track record of making sure that you’re not the only one who pays! Jon and his law firm have recovered millions of dollars for many different Pennsylvania medical malpractice victims, from Erie to Pittsburgh, and across the state to Philadelphia, focusing on the small towns in between.

Jon knows how to fight for you and win. He is one of the rare lawyers in America who has helped over 25,000 Pennsylvania victims who have been harmed or killed by all types of negligence, including medical malpractice.

Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Attorney/LawyerLet the insurance company know you mean business.

Medical malpractice Insurance companies will fight hard to avoid paying you.

It doesn’t matter how tragic your outcome was.
It doesn’t matter how obvious the doctor’s medical mistake was.
You can be as nice as you want.
The hospital or insurance company may act as if they want to help you.

Hospitals and doctors fight back hard when they are sued for medical malpractice.

They won’t settle easily. In fact, in a Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawsuit, until a doctor is willing to accept responsibility for a mistake that harmed a patient, their insurance can’t settle with that patient. Once the doctor finally accepts responsibility, then the insurance company has to agree to settle. Neither the doctor or the company will give in without a fight.

These obstacles are real, and you have to punch back twice as hard, and always be one step ahead of the other side if you want to get paid what you deserve.

There are many ways that your doctor or hospital can commit medical errors that harm you.

  • Bad surgery
  • Delaying the diagnosis of cancer or another serious illness
  • Misdiagnosing an injury
  • Improper delivery of baby causing birth injury
  • Improperly administered injection
  • Medication error
  • Hospital staff error
  • Plastic surgery error
  • Dental or orthodontic errors

Contact a Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Law Firm

The best thing you can do to win your lawsuit is to call the Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Law Firm of Ostroff Injury Law as soon as you suspect that a medical error has caused harm to you or a loved one.

Even if the medical error occurred years ago, if it was a Pennsylvania medical mistake that caused the harm and you just discovered the mistake, there may still be time for Ostroff Injury Law to help you.

In Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawsuits, there can be several parties involved. Hospitals, doctors, nurses, drug companies, and other health care professionals can all make mistakes that lead to medical malpractice injuries. Jon will spend the time and money it takes to figure out who was involved in causing the harm and then making them pay for what they did. You will only reimburse Jon for the cost of his investigation if he recovers money for you.