Jon Ostroff has been in the corner of seriously injured Pennsylvania auto accident victims for more than 25 years. As an auto accident attorney, he has obtained million dollar recoveries for families of auto accident victims across Pennsylvania.

PA Auto Accident Attorney/Lawyer - Helping Auto Accident Victims across PAJon Ostroff is one of the few lawyers in America who has helped over 25,000 Pennsylvania accident victims over the past 25  years, recovering over a million dollars for many of his clients.

Your car crash changed your life, maybe forever, and you need someone to make it right. Before your medical bills pile up, or before the insurance company talks to you, call Jon. Hiring Jon as your car accident lawyer will send the insurance company a message that you are serious about your recovery. Hire Jon Ostroff as your car accident attorney and let him take care of your car accident case, so that you can take care of yourself.

Why Call Jon?

  • Jon can get results. Jon is an auto accident lawyer with a track record of million dollar recoveries on behalf of his seriously injured PA auto accident clients.
  • Jon has experience. Over the past 25 years, Jon has helped more than 25,000 Pennsylvania accident victims with their recoveries.
  • Jon is a leader in the legal community. Jon has been honored by the U.S. Supreme Court, Forbes Magazine, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), and Trial Lawyers Care, among others.
  • Jon has a reputation for winning. He knows how to successfully challenge insurance companies. He will be effective and aggressive if his client is not getting fair compensation for accident injuries. Jon has won many million dollar recoveries for his clients.
  • Jon has been recommended by MADD of Pennsylvania since the mid-1990s. MADD recommends Jon as the car accident attorney to call if you’ve been injured in a Pennsylvania drunk driving accident.

There’s a reason that since the mid-90’s, MADD of Pennsylvania has recommended to drunk driving victims across Pennsylvania that they call Jon Ostroff. He cares, he’s tough, and he’s succeeded on behalf of thousands of seriously injured victims by getting them the money they are due!

Contact the Pennsylvania Car Accident Attorney Who Has Helped More than 25,000 Accident Victims Over the Past 25 Years; Contact Jon Ostroff!

Over the past 25 years, Jon has helped more than 25,000 personal injury victims recover damages for their injuries. This “20/20” experience is rare in the United States. Jon is an auto accident lawyer who cares. He is tough and he has succeeded for so many seriously injured victims by getting them the money they are due!

Jon Ostroff’s ability to find the evidence that wins cases has earned him his distinguished reputation across Pennsylvania as a skilled auto accident lawyer and wrongful death attorney. Call Jon at 800-818-8148 for a free consultation with an experienced Pennsylvania car accident attorney and learn about how Ostroff Injury Law can help you.