Study Links Testosterone Therapy to Heart Attack Risk

March 12th, 2014

Testosterone Therapy: New Study Links Deadly Side-Effects to the “Fountain of Youth”

Mature ManTestosterone is the hormone that is responsible for male sex drive, muscle building, and healthy bone mass. As men grow older, their testosterone production slows down. This causes thinning of the hair, loss of muscle mass, a decrease in bone mass, increase in body fat, fatigue, mood changes and reduced sex drive. Testosterone therapy can reverse those effects and make men look and feel younger.

Users say that testosterone products or “T” increase energy, improve concentration, and help men lose fat and build muscle. Some even consider T-therapy to be the fountain of youth.  Prescriptions for products like AndroGel and Testim tripled over the last ten years. In 2012, sales of Androgel surpassed sales of Viagra.

Unfortunately, there is a dangerous downside to t-therapy. New research shows that testosterone treatment may increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and death in some users. Read the rest of this entry »

Seasonal Trivia: Clearing snow and ice

February 11th, 2014

What are the reasonable timeframes by which responsible property owners are expected to clear residential walkways and driveways of snow and ice? What about the duties of landlords and owners of commercial properties to clear their parking lots and walkways of ice and snow? Also, please explain when generally icy conditions can prevent an owner from being liable for a slip and fall.

A: This is a great, multi part question to which there is no simple answer. First, let’s start with the general rule.

Since January of 1962, in a case called Rinaldi v. Levine, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has recognized there is a great deal of ice and snow in Pennsylvania in the Winter months. The high court said it would be unreasonable to expect a property owner to immediately clear the abundant ice and snowfall each and every time it happens. In its natural state, ice and snow is an open and obvious condition, the Court observed. It comes as a surprise to no one whose senses are functioning (not impaired). Read the rest of this entry »

Seasonal Trivia: Snow and Ice

February 7th, 2014

Question:  With all the recent snow and icy conditions, am I still liable if my vehicle slides and hits another vehicle or someone in the roadway?  What if I can show I took all reasonable precautions but was caught in an unexpected or unexpectedly hazardous situation, such as a sudden wind gust or icy bridge overpass?

A:  The short answer is, yes, in most cases you are still liable if you hit someone under snow and icy conditions. As the authors of a textbook on this subject, PA Premises Liability: Law and Forms, let us explain to you why. Read the rest of this entry »

The Story of the Year: Bus Travel Kills. We Told You Here First.

February 2nd, 2014

The guy who keeps saying “I told you so” is really annoying, but we can’t resist. For months, we have been telling everyone who will listen that bus travel in the United States is incredibly dangerous. Often enough, it seemed as if nobody was listening.

Now, all our work had been vindicated. Late last year, federal government authorities finally took action. Officials from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) moved to shut down 52 bus companies with poor safety records. “Operation Quick Strike,” as the program was called, began its investigations in April 2013 and ended in December. Read the rest of this entry »

How do I make sure my agent gave me the correct coverage?

January 27th, 2014

This is not an easy one to answer. It pre-supposes you can trust your agent to put your interests about the insurance carrier’s interests. We know agents are supposed to do this, however they do not always do it. We have seen insurance policies with $250,000/$500,000 in bodily injury liability coverage, yet the UM/UIM coverage is signed down to $50,000/$100,000, unstacked, and the insured elected limited tort. What a disaster. Read the rest of this entry »