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Black Wednesday
Learn How You Can Avoid PA Drunk Driving Accidents

Do you know which night has the most DUI accidents? It’s not New Year’s Eve (that’s number 2), it’s not graduation night, and it’s not the 4th of July. It is…

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children at play

Pennswood Apartments advertises that living in the complex is ‘like a walk in the park’. The description fits; the complex is a 44 acre landscaped community that is next to a lower, middle and upper school, as well as public athletic fields. But, for one girl, it was a…

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Ostroff Injury Law would like to congratulate attorney David Kline on his recent Avvo Client Choice Award. This award is reserved for those attorneys who receive the highest ratings from their clients. Dave’s award is based on more than 70 five star client reviews.

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Halloween is the Most Dangerous Night of the Year for Child Pedestrians

Are your children looking forward to Halloween? Many children consider Halloween their favorite night of the year. They can’t wait to put on their costumes and knock on neighbors’ doors….

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Traffic Accident With Deer

Pennsylvania Deer-Car Crashes

Who Pays When a Deer Causes Your Accident?

Do you know what the most dangerous animal in the United States is? It isn’t a grizzly bear. It’s not a cougar. It isn’t even a rattle snake. It’s a deer.


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motorcycle accident

Fall Motorcycle Accident Hazards

Fall is the Season for Pumpkin Lattes, Fall Color, and Motorcycle Crashes

Pennsylvania has the most beautiful fall foliage in the nation. If you are a motorcyclist, you may think that autumn is a perfect time for a motorcycle trip. What…

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Have you seen lawyer ads on TV that tell you “Act now! You may lose your rights.”?

These ads are referring to the statute of limitations. A statute of limitations is the time period after an accident within which a personal…

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Car Accident Injury

Five Ways to Ruin Your Pennsylvania Accident Claim

Ostroff Injury Law has represented a lot of accident victims. Over the past 25 years, we’ve learned what makes a case successful and what mistakes can cost an injury claim. Most of these mistakes are unintentional. A client…

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Subrogation: Medical Insurance and PA Car Accident Claims

Has Your Health Insurance Sent You a Bill for Your PA Car Crash?

When you went to the hospital after your accident, you were asked for your health insurance card. Your medical bills were sent to your medical insurance company and the…

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Injured in a Pennsylvania Left Turn Accident?

Determining Fault for Left Turn Crashes

If you’ve played with the settings on your GPS, you may have noticed that there’s an option to minimize left turns. This might seem strange, but the fact is that a left turn is considered one…

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